Earthism for Water

We all know how important water is for the human body, but we may not realize how important water is to the planet.

Water serves as a habitat for more than 50% of all life on Earth.

It not only preserves life, but it also irrigates crops and is an integral part of agriculture.

Taking a moment to bless the energy of water is such a simple thing to do, which is why we love this EARTHism for water so much.

Earthism for Water

I bless the energy of water. I send water love, kindness, and compassion.

I bless water for the nutrients it brings to all the cells of the body as well as oxygen to the brain.

I bless water for its role in all facets of life. Without you, there would be no vegetation on land, and no oxygen for animals to breathe.

I bless all the good water brings to Planet Earth including fertile fields, stabilizing temperature, cleaning and breaking down waste as well as enabling reproduction.

I thank water for being a loving medium through which all essential vitamins and minerals are transported throughout the bodies of all living organisms.

I thank water for serving as a habitat for more than 50% of all life on Earth.

I honor water for its ability to preserve life. I thank you for your ability to irrigate crops and for being an integral part of agriculture.

I bless water as a finite resource and humbly apologize for any times we have mismanaged water or wasted water.

May we all be more aware of the life-giving role water plays on Planet Earth and may we honor water as one of the most significant blessings we could ever have.

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