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“Wear gratitude like a cloak,
and it will feed every corner of your life.” Rumi

What happens when you dedicate your life to creating, sharing, and practicing gratitude?

How can a daily Mindful Blessing practice change your life?

Find out how by following the Gratitude 365 Podcast Network.

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Leslie Riopel

Leslie Riopel is a creative soul and a sur-thriver at heart. Her journey has taken her many places, from a devastating job loss to learning the skills of mindfulness and meditation to help her awaken to her ultimate destiny: “creating programs, publications, and organizations that help individuals, organizations, and communities transform into their more Ultimate 2.0 as they fulfill more of their inherent potential.

Leslie Riopel

MA Psychology

Our Four Podcast Shows

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Mindful Gratitude

Cultivating Gratitude and Mindfulness: Mindfulness and Gratitude Practice to Build Resilience and Feel More Peace, Tranquility and Joy

It’s easy to feel happy, grateful and blessed when things are going well, but much more challenging to find the gratitude and the blessing in the heartbreak, disappointment, or struggle. Join us each week for a little education, inspiration, and motivation. Our podcast has something for everyone, including mindfulness and meditation, gratitude, BLESSisms, positive psychology, and successful living skills. Each week’s short mindfulness practice is based on the 365 Mindful Blessisms we have created and share daily in our free newsletter.

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Abundance Mindset

The Inner Path to Greater Abundance: Meditations to Help You Create An Abundance of Love, Wealth and Health and Live a More Fulfilling Life.

 Are you looking for a simple practice to help you create more abundance in your life? Abundance Mindset features a weekly guided meditation practice to help you create an abundance of love, wealth, and health so you can live a more fulfilling life. Each week’s meditation is based on one of the 90 Mindful Intentions we have developed for wealth, abundance, prosperity, and success. 

Updated Gratitude Project

Gratitude Project

365 Days of Gratitude & Mindful Blessings for a Happy, Healthy, Healed Life – Daily Gratitude & Mindfulness Practice Featuring Mindful Blessings aka Blessisms from our Year-Long Program.

These short and sweet podcast episodes (under 5 minutes) are published daily, and they feature the Mindful Blessisms from our daily campaign. If you are looking for a wonderful, short and sweet gratitude practice, this one may be just perfect for you!



Sleep Meditations & Stories to Help You Relax into Your Ultimate Health, Well-Being & Success

Sleepscapes is yet another wonderful podcast that is a part of our Gratitude 365 Podcast Network! Join Leslie for a beautiful sleep journey to calm the mind and relax the body. Each journey is unique and designed to help you relax into your ultimate health, well-being, and success. Each session is 60 minutes long, with 30 minutes of Leslie’s soft voice and 30 minutes of music to gently lull you to sleep.

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Our Mission

As the challenges we face in the world continue to grow, confront, and test us, we are more passionate than ever about giving you the tools you need to stay mentally stronger. Our intention is to support and empower anyone whose life is overshadowed by stress or anxiety. Our mission is simple, we want to help you calm your mind, and feel more peaceful and tranquil so you can live a more abundant, blessed and fulfilling life. With our Mindful BlessismTM Gratitude Practice, and calming meditations, we want to help you make your biggest struggle your greatest blessing. Our podcasts are co-produced by Leslie Riopel, MA Psychology and Charles Betterton, MSCED.

Our Impact

We believe that to heal the planet, we must first start by healing ourselves. The practice of gratitude and repeating Mindful Blessings, aka BlessismsTM, has the power to create more than just a renewed perspective. It can unleash tangible benefits throughout your entire life — through your daily interactions, your life-long relationships, and in the way your approach your place in the world. Through our exclusive Mindful Blessism Gratitude Practice, we are dedicated to raising the individual, and collective consciousness on Spaceship Earth. Our impact continues to grow with every podcast episode we release. We are truly blessed to serve you.


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