Are You Ready for a Complete Financial Reset? 

Tap into Your Zllion Dollar Money Mindset Today!

What does it mean to manifest a zillion dollars? Well, we know that a zillion dollars is probably more than anyone could ever imagine and a zillion dollars is an indefinitely large sum of money, beyond your counting. We use this term to define a very, very, large amount of money.

If you’re going to channel a new money mindset, why not channel a zillion-dollar mindset?

Imagine how much good you could contribute to the world, with this much money and wealth?

Today’s Blessism is the Blessism for that Zillion Dollar Money Mindset. 

Blessism for Your Zillion-Dollar Money Mindset

I bless my zillion-dollar money mindset.

I bless myself for the extraordinary person I am.

I can do, achieve, or become absolutely anything.

Any state of wealth, abundance or prosperity is possible.

I am in control of my finances and my life.

With these words, I recognize my innate power to create whatever I want, need, or desire.

I am committed to thinking differently and upleving my life.

I am open and ready to receive a complete financial reset.

I replace all old limiting beliefs and lower vibrations that may be blocking my finances and my wealth consciousness and my highest and best good.

I accept this activation for financial healing at this moment.

I am filled with the golden light of abundance and healing and financial well-being.

I allow this healing energy to flow.

I allow this abundant energy to flow into all the millions of cells in my body.

I believe in myself. I have that zillion-dollar mindset!

Every positive step I take increases my financial health and well-being.

This is my superpower.

Thank you for my healing! 

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