Boost Your Natural Defense

Zap Unhealthy Cells and Boost Your Natural Defense with This Transformative Blessism!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could zap all those pesky unhealthy cells away? There is a Blessism for that! The Blessism for Zapping Unhealthy Cells can help you boost your natural defenses. You can essentially give your body and your innate intelligence permission to help you live in a healthy vibrant way.

Those natural “killer cells” are part of your innate immune system, and they can help you to boost your immunity by aiding natural cell death and by immunoregulation.

Just another positive benefit of working with Blessisms.

Blessism for Zapping Unhealthy Cells

I bless my body’s unique ability to zap unhealthy cells and to protect me from any foreign invader or any abnormality that may exist in my body.

I give my innate intelligence permission to help me live in a healthy vibrant way.

I bless these natural “killer cells” which are part of my innate immune system.

I bless their ability to boost my immunity by aiding natural cell death and by immunoregulation.

I am so grateful my SMART body knows exactly which cells to target for my healing and recovery.

My natural defensive cells are healthy, strong, and plentiful and act like little exterminators keeping my bloodstream free of foreign invaders and disease.

I bless these natural cells and their ability to serve as a built-in detection and communication system that can talk to the nucleus of a suspect cell to find out if it is normal or unhealthy.

I know my SMART Body includes natural defensive cells that support my body’s ability to heal.

I am ready, more than ready.

Thank you for my healing.

I am forever grateful.

I love you! 

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