Your Life’s Mission & Purpose

Have you discovered your life’s mission and purpose? If you have, that’s awesome! If you’re like most of us, you are probably still searching for the true meaning of your life, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Each of us is a genius in more than one way. Some individuals have a special gift or form of genius that demands expression. Our life purpose is always tied to the very things we love to do. Why else would we love those things?

For many people, our life purpose will evolve as we mature. It may appear different at different ages or stages of growth. When we have a sense of the purpose of life in general, and our individual lives in particular, we can develop a mission – a specific task or accomplishment that we want to devote our time and energy to.

A mission defines how we will live out that life purpose. Just how specific our life purpose and sense of mission needs to be, depends on each individual and what he or she feels the need for at a given time.

Do you have a specific talent or skill you feel compelled to use? If so, you need to take this gift seriously.

It may already have the potential to provide you with a good livelihood if it is not already doing so.

If you have something you love to do, ask yourself if you are honoring, developing, and using your talent. Don’t allow yourself to be stopped by your lack of knowledge about developing your gift, or your uncertainty about how to use it. Start to play with your gifts or talent.

The Blessism for Your Life’s Mission and Purpose can also help you live a life more aligned with your goals.

Blessism for My Life’s Mission & Purpose

I bless my life’s mission and purpose and my ability to discover it if I haven’t yet discovered it.

I bless my passion and my drive.

I know my life’s purpose, mission, and goals are totally unique to me.

I fully embrace and willingly move toward my mission and purpose every day.

I know I have come into this world and into this life to perform a certain role and to achieve something magnificent.

I listen to what my heart is telling me to align more fully with this mission and purpose.

I look for things that motivate and inspire me and know my divine purpose is unique.

I bless and acknowledge my journey towards fulfilling my mission and purpose and know that my life purpose is not fixed.

My life’s mission and purpose change as I grow and as I learn more about myself.

Today I honor my unique journey towards my life’s mission and purpose and strive to use my gifts and talents to help others and to make the world a better place.


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