Turn Angst into Accomplishments & Embrace Successful Living in Season 5!

Welcome to Season 5 – Blessisms for Successful Living, Overcoming Obstacles, and Making Your Struggle Your Superpower!

What does it take to be successful? What does successful living really mean? How will you know when you achieve success? What if… success is what you make it?

These are all great questions to consider if you want to be more successful in your life – and success can mean different things from getting employment, being an entrepreneur, feeling better about yourself, or just living a healthier life.

In order to achieve success, it’s also necessary to be able to overcome obstacles.

The best way to overcome something is to step back and look at it from a fresh perspective.

This month, we’re keeping the positive momentum going, with Blessisms for overcoming obstacles and making your struggles your superpower.

These are great for anyone who has struggled or recently gone through a hardship. If you want to turn your disappointments into acres of diamonds, this month’s content is perfect!

We’re ramping it up to the next level this month by helping you look at success and failure differently, starting with the Blessism for Turning Angst into Accomplishments!

Blessism for Turning Angst into Accomplishments 

I bless my ability to transmute any angst I may feel about my life or my level of success and turn it into the energy of achievement and accomplishment.

I have this power to transmute and ascend!

It lives within me.

I bless my angst and any anxiety I may feel and allow it to be transmuted.

I am an alchemist.

With every word I speak, I transform my angst into accomplishments and achievements.

I fully recognize this ability I have to transmute and transform, and I bless this privilege.

I have the power to ascend and transform darkness into light and pain into power.

I bless my ability to take everything negative that used to hold me back and use it as the driving force that now propels me forward!

What a blessing this is. 

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