Bless & Honor Your Relationship With Money

What is the true value of money? What does money really represent? The energy of money is essentially neutral. It’s really only a piece of paper.

The real value of money lies in what you do with it.

So in knowing that, what’s the best way to feel more positive about money and what it represents for you?

One way is to bless and honor your money, whenever you use it or think about it.

If you start honoring money more, and blessing money, you’ll begin to realize that money serves to enhance all of your experiences.

Money can help you share your creative gifts and talents with the world. This is the true value of money.

Blessism for Valuing Money

I bless my relationship with money.

While I value, respect, and honor money, I fully realize the energy of money is neutral.

It’s a vessel for exchange.

I create money by adding value to the world with my creative gifts and talents.

The real value of money begins when I look beyond it and see myself as its divine creator and steward. 

I bless money’s ability to enhance all of my experiences.

I bless money’s ability to help me share my creative gifts and talents.

This is the true value of money.

Being blessed with wealth, abundance and financial freedom helps me share my gifts with the world.

I am honored and blessed to have this extraordinary relationship with money, and I thank you!

I always attract more of everything I desire.

Today and every day, I allow the universe to bless me in amazing ways.

I now begin to see a different set of circumstances as possible.

I am open to the great flow of wealth and abundance within.

This is my greatest blessing.   

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