The Wonderful World of the Human Body

Are you aware of the fact that wonderful, miraculous things are happening in your body in every single moment? 

There are millions of microscopic processes that take place every day to keep your body running smoothly. In the minute or so that it might take you to read this paragraph, your body is busy creating trillions of chemical reactions and spawning millions of blood cells just to maintain the status quo! 

With every heartbeat, your heart pumps and pushes out approximately 2.4 ounces of life-sustaining blood.

86 billion electrical signals are passed on by neurons with up to 17.2 TRILLION neural firings per minute. That in and of itself is pretty amazing! The point of all this is simple, your body is pretty wonderful. 

There is no telling what kind of effect your positive, uplifting words might have, which is why the Blessism for Wonderful Things is so awesome.

Blessism for Wonderful Things

I bless my ability to understand that wonderful things are happening in my body in every moment.

I bless the miracle of my human body which works beyond my wildest imagination.

I believe in this creative healing power within me.

I know everything can heal.

I know I live in a world where my thoughts and emotions create my reality.

I know my mind can heal.

My emotions can heal.

My cells can heal.

My wounds can heal.

My pain can heal.

My body can heal itself.

This is my new truth.

I bless this glorious healing power.

I am ready to vibrate higher.

I expect everything to continually improve and heal.

My spirit is alive.

I bless and celebrate myself.

I celebrate my healing process.

I am awakening.

I know my body is healing.

My cells are healing on a microscopic level.

Every cell in my body is healing and returning to a beautiful state of health and wellness.

My body rids itself of any cells that do not have a divine purpose in support of my healing.

Every day in every way, I grow stronger and stronger.

Thank you for my healing. 

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