Expand Your Vision & Belief in Something Greater Than You

So, when was the last time you thought about your infinite potential? How much do you feel you limit yourself or get in your own way?

What might be possible if you expanded your vision and believed in something much, much greater than you? What would happen if you truly believed the world and the universe supported you?

The idea that there is infinite potential is really more about a belief that the universe is much, much larger than any of us can see. We don’t really know much about what we haven’t charted or explored. That means there is an infinite world around us we know little to nothing about.

Today’s Blessism is the Blessism for that Infinite Mindset and the Infiniverse.

Blessism for Infinite Mindset & The Infiniverse

I bless and acknowledge there is a force within me greater than myself.

It is a place of confidence and security where all things are known and understood. 

I bless my infinite mindset and my ability to use this creative power within me and all around me to make my life more vibrant, successful, and happy.

I bless the Infiniverse and this beautiful power I have.

I can now see I create my own reality every moment of every day.

My thoughts, words and actions create my life. I know I can change my life very easily by changing my thoughts.

What I see with my inner eye I will meet sooner or later on the external.

That is the law of life.

I recognize this sense of oneness with all things.

I see nothing but cooperation and assistance.

This infinite mindset brings me everything I need.

I bless this infinite mindset and I allow the universe to bless me in surprising and joyful ways.

I believe in my infinite potential and believe the only limitations I have are the ones I have set upon myself.

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