Mysterious World of the Unknown

There is a lot we still don’t know about the human body, even after years and years of painstaking research. Many diseases still have no cure. New discoveries are being made every day.

While there may still be things we don’t know, there is one thing we do know – positive, uplifting words have a powerful effect on the human body.

Masaru Emoto demonstrated this process beautifully in his book – The Hidden Messages in Water. Emoto found that when people prayed or used positive words, feelings, and emotions that the water crystals responded by forming beautiful symmetrical shapes. The opposite happened when the crystals were exposed to negative and hurtful thoughts. 

The implications of this research create a new awareness of how you can positively impact your body and your personal health. 

It makes sense to think that this same effect can be demonstrated in the human body since the human body is over 60% water. 

In light of this experiment, we can confidently say that your positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions can have a direct impact on your healing and that is why we are so passionate when it comes to sharing Mindful Blessisms.

Blessism for X – The Unknown

I bless and am grateful for anything in my body I may be unaware of or anything that may need healing and recalibration.

What a blessing my body is.

Thank you for my healing!

Accepting and understanding that

I don’t know everything about this process opens me up to a whole new world of infinite as yet unknown possibilities!

May my mind be open and receptive to any amount of healing my body may need.

This is my new superpower.

I honor and bless this connection.

I am ready for healing and recalibration.

I bless and invite my innate intelligence to rebalance my mind, body, and spirit.

Help me release anything that should be let go.

Open up any blocked arteries or veins.

Rebuild and replenish any damaged areas.

Remove all inflammation and infection.

Let the healing power of my words recalibrate and rejuvenate.

Saturate my whole being with your presence, joy, and love.

Today I am sharing this vision and invitation to help manifest my optimal health and well-being.

Thank you! I love you!

I love us! 

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Invitation to Blessisms

BLESSisms are an excellent way to find joy in difficult times. When you start focusing on those moments of joy, you realize how far you have already come. You start feeling grateful for the challenges you have overcome. You tap into new sources of strength and resilience.