The Kaleidoscopic of Life

Have you ever really looked closely at a kaleidoscope? If you really examine it you’ll notice it’s made up of thousands of broken pieces. The beauty comes in when all the broken pieces come together, forming a beautiful shape.

The kaleidoscope, with its ever-changing lights, colors, and various shapes represents unlimited views, opportunities, and the release of blocked creativity.

What do you see through your kaleidoscope of life? Do you need to twist it and look through it again to see something better?

In other words, does your kaleidoscope of life contain something you don’t like, or is it a panoramic view of breathtaking scenery that you cannot wait to feast your eyes upon each and every day?

Allow yourself the “possibility” to see something different through your kaleidoscope.

A different possibility. A different truth. Perhaps even a different view ahead for yourself. A glimpse of light. A glimmer of hope. When you are open to a different vision through the kaleidoscope “nothing is impossible.”

It’s about removing limitations to your creative thoughts. And it’s about believing what you actually expect to happen. I have always loved kaleidoscopes and I love seeing the most brilliant colors and interesting patterns. What about you? Are you going to take another look?

Blessism for the Kaleidoscopic of Life

I bless the kaleidoscope of my life.

I bless the ever-changing beauty of the kaleidoscope, with its changing lights, colors, and shapes.

Each of these beautiful shapes and colors represents the beauty and complexity of my life. I bless everything this represents.

I bless my ultimate potential and my ultimate destiny.

I see each day as a new beginning.

I know the slightest movement in the kaleidoscope of my life brings in a whole new image and with that, new possibilities.

I bless the creative flow and complexity of my life and commit to living in the now, knowing the kaleidoscope of my life is tumbling all the little pieces into place helping to create the magnificent pattern that is my destiny.

In the wise words of Alexander Pope, I know life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived.

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