Stop the Self-Judgment

How Kind-Hearted are YOU Toward Yourself? Stop the Self-Judgment with this Blessism to Be Kind-Hearted Toward Yourself.

How often do you judge yourself or criticize yourself? The truth is, you are an incredible and amazing person. You are magnificent right now in this exact moment. You are uniquely YOU.

It is time to be comfortable with who you are because you are not the body, you are something much, much more.

The true essence of you comes from deep within the mind, the spirit, and the soul. The body is simply your vehicle.

There is much more to you than your appearance and how you are currently feeling. When you can learn to start appreciating and taking stock of all of your positive qualities, you will begin the journey to true self-appreciation. When you feel good you also make supportive choices in your life. The Blessism to be Kind-Hearted Toward Yourself is a beautiful one to work with every day.

Blessism to be Kind-Hearted Towards Yourself

I bless my ability to be kind-hearted towards myself, no matter what is going on.

I vow to treat myself with the same sort of love, kindness, and compassion I would treat a good friend.

Instead of being critical, I will be loving. Instead of being judgmental, I will be compassionate.

I bless myself and my body with loving-kindness today.

I strive to love myself and my body more every day.

I thank my magnificent body and innate intelligence for loving me without fail.

I honor my body as a miraculous instrument of love.

I love myself, exponentially.

I celebrate myself and my journey.

I bless my imperfections and my struggles and send them love, kindness and compassion.

I bless my ability to let go of self-judgment and let go of the fear.

Everything starts with this feeling of self-love.

My ability to be kind-hearted is the greatest gift I can give myself.

I love you!

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