Setting a Powerful Intention           

Praying, meditating, contemplating, and, being mindful all have different meanings to different people. The same thing can be said for creating and setting an intention.

You can set a simple intention for just about any goal you may have from practicing mindfulness to setting an intention to eat better or exercise more.

One simple intention you could set is to live the most beautiful life possible and to encourage and inspire others.

It’s so simple, yet very powerful. What would happen if we all took 5 minutes out of our day to focus on this kind of simple intention?

I think the world’s energy would start shifting in a more positive direction.

So, pray or meditate, arrange a group hug at work, or a even solo time-out. It really makes no difference. The important thing is to set that intention which is why this Blessism is so awesome!

Blessism for Setting a Powerful Intention


I bless my ability to set a powerful intention.

With these words, I set the intention to live the most beautiful life possible.

I intend to encourage and inspire myself by being my absolute best self every day.

I intend to experience greater and greater levels of happiness and joy.

I intend to move into a space where I am guided by spirit and living in peace, prosperity, abundance, and joy.

And most of all, I intend to live every day conscious, awake and aware, and in the present moment, while feeling as much joy as possible.

I know my intentions are powerful and they set an important process in motion.

I acknowledge this connection.

I allow the divine flow of the universe to arrange things far beyond what I can do myself.

I am open and ready for the greatest level of healing possible for my mind, body, and spirit.

I know my words and my intentions are powerful.

Every intention I lovingly set plants a new seed in my beautiful mind and in the world around me.

I thank the universe for blessing me and allowing me to live in a world filled with fun, creativity, excitement, abundance, prosperity, joy, service, and positive surprises.

What a blessing this is!

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