Set Yourself Free!

Welcome to Season 3! The Blessisms in Season 3 are designed for Self-Love, Body-Love, and Confidence.

These Blessisms are perfect for anyone who may be struggling with self-confidence, a poor body image, or weight issues.

These Blessisms are also perfect for anyone who wants to feel better about themselves. Celebrate your magnificent healthy body and ideal body with Blessisms that offer you a boost of confidence and a little dose of self-love.

When was the last time you loved yourself and your body without guilt, criticism, or blame? Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our beautiful bodies.

We constantly self-criticize. We compare ourselves to unrealistic standards. It’s time to stop. It’s time to start loving your beautiful body for everything it does for you day in and day out.

Are You Ready to Feel Better About Yourself? Set Yourself Free with the Blessism for Absolution and Freedom from Blame.

Blessism for Absolution and Freedom from Blame 

I bless and send love to my beautiful body.

I absolve and free myself from any blame or guilt I may have felt or still feel about my body.

I commit to loving myself and loving my magnificent body NOW – no matter what state of health, shape, or size I am currently at and no matter what perceived imperfections I may think I have.

Loving and accepting myself is the key to my greatest health, happiness, and joy.

I bless, acknowledge, and give thanks for my miraculous body and the trillions of cells and intricate connections.

I bless and thank my body for being an extraordinary instrument capable of healing itself.

With these words, I am tapping into that part of myself that is connected to that which is greater than me.

Today I love my body without fail, and without any guilt, criticism, or blame.

I love and bless my body and its beautiful imperfections.

I bless my body for its perfect functioning which defies my wildest imagination.

I bless this unbelievable marvel and collection of cells that makes me who I am.

This is my new truth.

I love you!

Take a moment today to love, bless and honor your body and commit to loving yourself more!

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BLESSisms are an excellent way to find joy in difficult times. When you start focusing on those moments of joy, you realize how far you have already come. You start feeling grateful for the challenges you have overcome. You tap into new sources of strength and resilience.