What Goes Down Must Eventually Come Back Up!

The Natural Cycle of Wealth Mindful Intention & the Sacred Garden of Abundance Meditation for Celebrating Your Natural State of Abundance.

The garden of abundance is a beautiful sacred place that can help you cultivate that abundance mindset.

The sacred garden of abundance represents your higher mind and your intuition, and it’s a wonderful place to start cultivating a healthier mindset.

Mindful Intention for the Natural Cycle of Wealth

I bless and acknowledge the natural cycle of wealth and abundance. I fully understand I can bless my finances no matter how little I have or how much I am struggling. Times of financial struggle are the perfect time to bless my finances. I know wealth and abundance are an all-encompassing consciousness that flows from within. What goes down must eventually come back up – including money, wealth, abundance, and prosperity. What a blessing this is. I bless the natural cycle of wealth, abundance, and prosperity today and every day. Money is a game and money is simply energy. I bless my relationship with wealth and honor the journey I have traveled.

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