Releasing Resistance to Abundance

Would you like to be able to release resistance to abundance and come into vibrational alignment with all you want, need, and desire?

This practice will help you let go of resistance, so you are able to tap into that natural state of abundance within.

What you resist persists. Befriending your struggles is a much better tool for transformation. When resistance shows up in our lives, we must first acknowledge it, invite it to come in, and identify the fear behind it.

We can then use this resistance and that fear to help us move forward.

When you can get to the point where you no longer define your current circumstances in the physical world as good or bad or right or wrong, and you can befriend those things that both aggravate and annoy you, the idea of resistance becomes a catalyst.

This beautiful session, set to soothing music, will transport you into a world where your natural state of abundance freely flows.

This session is a wonderful one to use to help you reprogram your thoughts when it comes to financial freedom and abundance.

The audio portion of this session lasts for about 20 minutes, and the music continues for another 40 minutes.

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