Raising Your Vibration & Level of Consciousness

Every one of us is surrounded by an invisible but powerful energetic field that vibrates at a specific Hz frequency. Think of it like a piano note with a tone and frequency that is perfectly in tune when your system is in balance.

Inside and outside influences can affect your frequency – raising or lowering it. When you consciously steer your mind to experience high-vibrational emotions like love and joy, you emanate those higher frequencies from your heart and raise the vibration of your energy field.

The more you practice mindfulness and the more you meditate, the higher your vibration will go.

To raise your vibration, you also need to engage in activities that bring you joy. Other kinds of practices that can help raise your vibration include reciting a daily affirmation, doing what you love, practicing breathwork, and focusing on things that inspire you. Reciting a daily Blessism is a great way to do this as well which is why we love this one so much!

Blessism for Raising Your Vibration & Level of Consciousness

I bless my ability to raise my level of consciousness and to vibrate higher and rise up into my full potential.

I bless my ability to be fully awakened and to gently shift my consciousness to feeling a sense of oneness and connectedness with all beings.

As my consciousness level grows and expands, I am discovering that anything is possible, and anything can be changed.

My process of expansion and growth is effortless and limitless.

I grow and evolve at the speed I am comfortable with.

My journey is unique to me.

Raising my vibration and my level of consciousness allows me to expand my awareness and gain a deeper understanding of the world around me.

I know that to change my life I must first change what I believe.

I make a pact with myself to choose and tune into the energy and frequency of love, as opposed to the energy of fear.

I bless any times when my fears have overtaken me.

I bless my ability to rise above into a higher plane of consciousness where I release all resistance and live in complete faith of my convictions.

I know when I consciously choose to raise my vibration, all that is not in alignment with my highest good will naturally and effortlessly flow out of my life with ease and grace.

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Invitation to Blessisms

BLESSisms are an excellent way to find joy in difficult times. When you start focusing on those moments of joy, you realize how far you have already come. You start feeling grateful for the challenges you have overcome. You tap into new sources of strength and resilience.