Raising Your Consciousness Level

What does it really mean to raise your consciousness level? Raising your level of consciousness will help you to better understand what you believe about yourself and how it affects every area of your life.

When you are conscious of your true nature, love, joy, and wisdom can fill your life and guide your actions.

Raising your consciousness level helps you tap into that tremendous inner power you have to create your own destiny.

By aligning your thoughts, you can raise your consciousness to a level that makes you more aware of the important and joyful aspects of your inner and outer worlds.

Consciousness grows out of your perceptions.

By increasing your consciousness and learning to see a broader swath of events, you can learn to see what is coming in the future by learning to see the tiny, hidden signs – some of them physical and some of them visions that occur only in the mind – that precede events.

One of the benefits of raising your consciousness level is that doing so lowers your level of stress.

The ability to see the big picture and not be caught in the drama of details can bring you an overwhelming sense of love and compassion. The result is better health, better relationships, and greater success in every area of life.

Blessism for Raising Your Consciousness Level 

I bless my ability and capacity to continually raise my level of consciousness.

I have the power to rise above the stress and chaos of life and to create my own reality by aligning myself with my deepest beliefs.

Every day I strive to shift my consciousness and to feel that sense of connectedness and oneness with those around me.

I bless my ability to focus on those activities that lift me up and those people that support me.

As my consciousness expands, I will discover that change is constant and can be effortless if the timing is right.

I believe the expansion and raising of my consciousness flows from one of three directions: the natural growth that results from my experiences and efforts, my interaction with Mother Nature and with Earth, and by working with people that lift me up and support me.

I believe there are no coincidences.

Every event I experience and every person I meet has intentionally been put in my path to help me raise my level of consciousness.

I bless my unique ability to make a difference in the world today and every day and I honor my journey.

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