Are You on the Path to Enlightenment?

What does the term enlightenment really mean? While there are most likely many different definitions, what’s true for one person may not be true for you. Many of us spend our entire lives on the path to enlightenment.

If you feel like you are on the road to enlightenment, you may have noticed some things shifting in your life.

For example, you may find you have new priorities now. A spiritual awakening will definitely change your life. It may also change your personality, your attitude, and even your priorities. Things you once spent most of your time doing may now seem pointless. This may even mean something as drastic as quitting your job or opening a new business.

Another common thing you may notice is that you’re starting to see what truly matters in life. This may cause you to search for a deeper sense of meaning or life purpose. What you thought you could be is only a fraction of who you’re really meant to become. A spiritual awakening makes you become much more aware of your divine path and purpose in life.

You may also find you’re drawn more to nature. This might mean you find yourself walking outside more, or seeking out a quiet spot in the woods. You might also begin to feel an intense connection to nature that takes you away from the things that used to bother or distract you. As your passion for the outdoors grows, you’ll grow more interested in conserving the planet for future generations which could also lead to other lifestyle changes, as well.

In the end, true enlightenment may be very simple: The ability to live in a world where all that is present is love.

The Blessism for Enlightenment is a wonderful simple practice you can engage in as often as you like.

Blessism for Enlightenment

I bless my journey to enlightenment.

I bless the path to remembering who I am and finding my true self.

I bless my journey back to love.

I strive to live in a world without the distortion of the ego and without mental attachment.

I bless my ability to live in a world where all that is present is love.

I know I am always on the path to enlightenment, and I celebrate that.

I fully understand that enlightenment is the realization that the only NOW, the present moment, is the only moment there is.

I bless my ability to see the truth of my being and to break free of my ego state of consciousness, which is controlled by my thoughts through worries about the past or the future.

I seek to live a life free of resistance.

I bless my ability to be at peace with myself and I bless my journey and know my path to enlightenment is solely unique to me.

I bless the idea of enlightenment and seek to move from where I am into a higher vibrational state of alignment where my true self and my higher self reside.

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