Eating More Mindfully

Do You Rush Through Meals? Eat More Mindfully with the Blessism for Mindfulness and Mindful Eating.

When was the last time you savored a meal? We live in a culture where people tend to rush through meals. Eating mindfully is all about taking your time to enjoy and savor each and every bite.

Mealtimes can be treated as a special time, and practicing mindful eating, is a great way to reconnect with your friends and family.

When you eat mindlessly, you tend to eat more, and eating too fast can cause issues such as heartburn, indigestion, digestive issues, and over-eating.

Mindful eating is based on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness, or being fully involved and aware of what is happening all around you. When you apply this concept to eating you can take enjoying your food to a whole new level.

Eating slower and more mindfully can also help you better manage your weight because it encourages you to eat healthier foods. The Blessism for Mindfulness and Mindful Eating is a great one to practice before a meal.

Blessism for Mindfulness and Mindful Eating

I bless my ability to be mindful today, especially when it comes to eating mindfully.

From now on I make a pledge to savor my food and fully enjoy my food.

I see food as a beautiful blessing.

I honor and savor the process of preparing the food as much as I honor the process of eating the food.

I enjoy savoring each and every bite.

I bless my food and honor anyone who was involved in the process of picking it or preparing it.

I bless my food and send it love, peace and harmony.

I make a commitment to eat slower and more mindfully so that my body has a chance to register when I am full and satisfied.

Practicing mindfulness and living in the moment allows me to enjoy my life more, especially the process of savoring healthy, nutritious foods.

I have the power to embrace and live within each beautiful moment.

Each mindful moment allows me to transform my stress and anxiety into resilience and growth.

Like the beautiful lotus flower – I can rise above the mud and the muck and choose to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. 

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