Luck in Life & With Money

Make Your Own Luck with the Blessism for Luck in Life and With Money!

Do you believe in luck or do you feel like you make up your own luck?

Some say that luck happens as a result of simply putting yourself out there more. Maybe it’s not really about luck, but more about the opportunities you create for yourself and the possibilities you open up your mind to.

Maybe we should all consider ourselves lucky, just to be here on this wonderful planet with so many awesome resources and possibilities! 

Blessism for Luck in Life & With Money

I bless all the probabilities and opportunities that enhance and increase my luck in life and with money.

I bless every opportunity, every meeting, and every experience I engage in and bless my probability of success in all these experiences.

I know it’s not really about luck. It’s about probabilities.

The more I put myself out there, the more chances I have to increase my probabilities and as a result my luck.

I know that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.

The more I prepare and the more opportunities I engage in the luckier I am!

As Brian Tracy once said, I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If I want more luck, I need to take more chances, be more active, and show up more often.

That is the secret to my greatest success and my luck in life and with money. I know with a positive worldview and persistence, I will always be lucky!

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