Your Journey into the Unknown

What does it mean to journey into the unknown? There is so much we don’t really understand about the Universe. These undiscovered mysteries are vast. Much of the universe is still undiscovered.

When you stop and bless the journey and the magic of the unknown, you begin awakening to the world around you.

As you awaken to the world around you, your compassion and empathy for others will grow.

There is so much that spirit can offer us about living in the moment and tuning into your life. Living in the moment allows you to simply “BE”.

It means you don’t spend as much time worrying about the future or obsessing about the mistakes of the past. If you find yourself worrying less often because you’re too busy enjoying the moment, that’s a good sign you’re on the path to a spiritual awakening.

Blessism for X – Journey into the Unknown

I bless the sacred journey into the unknown today and bless the undiscovered mysteries of life.

May I always be open to the vast possibility all around me.

Accepting and understanding that I don’t know everything opens me up to a whole new world of infinite as yet unknown possibilities!

May my mind be open and receptive to seeing things in a new way.

I bless and embrace anything and everything unknown and undiscovered and set the intention to release any unknown thought patterns that may be holding me back.

I am ready to step into my full power.

May I be open and receptive to anything that may need to be released, including old mindsets or worn-out patterns.

I am ready to release anything that may need to be released.

I invite my higher self and my innate intelligence to release anything that should be let go.

Let the healing power of love recalibrate and rejuvenate.

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