Tapping into Your Intuitive Guidance

How would define intuitive guidance?

You can view intuitive guidance as the information available to you before your mind steps in and manipulates it in some way.

The mind manipulates it by placing its judgments and/or interpretation of what is experienced and sensed.

Intuitive guidance can show up in many different forms and it can also be filtered through many spiritual modalities.

When I think of intuitive guidance, I definitively consider the empathic aspect of guidance or the feeling.

There are many ways to connect with intuition and tap into it for personal growth.

Our intuitive guidance can help us make decisions, get information on what’s going on emotionally, physically or spiritually, and it can also help give our lives meaning.

Some ways you can practice connecting with your intuition are writing and journaling, mindfulness, and meditation, walking out in nature, or even doing something physical like yoga.

The more you quiet your mind and “listen” to your intuition, the more it will speak to you.

The Blessism for Intuitive Guidance can also help you tap into this wonderful power as well.

Blessism for Tapping into Your Intuitive Guidance

I bless my intuition and intuitive guidance.

I bless my internal voice.

I follow the wisdom of my inner voice that so lovingly guides me with love and light.

I listen to this internal voice with my heart and my feelings.

I know my intuitive guidance is a connection to the infinite wisdom accessible to me.

I honor and bless my intuition and my innate intelligence.

I bless my ability to connect with my intuitive guidance.

I know I cannot solve problems at the same level of thought that created them.

I know my intuition is something I already possess.

It is available to me whenever I need a source of guidance.

I bless my intuition and know the more I tune into it and listen to it, the more my intuitive skills will sharpen.

I pay attention when I get intuitive nudges.

I listen to my body, soul, and my internal sensors.

I am connected to my inner knowing.

I am guided by my intuitive self.

I bless and invite this inner guidance and inner vision in and know when I trust my intuition, I am always guided by love.

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