Letting Go and Letting Life Flow

It can be difficult to feel happy if you are resisting life at every turn. This relaxing calm meditation can help you loosen your grip on life and feel better.

Whatever you resist persists, so learning how to let go can really help you move into a new mindset, a happier mindset.

We all have a tendency to try and control things. While that may be a good thing in theory, it’s not actually a very practical way to live.

For example, your current situation in life is the way it is, whether you like it or not. When you constantly feel unhappy or restless, you create a certain amount of resistance, which creates a barrier that keeps good things from coming in.

Acknowledging the bad things that you have drawn into your life is the first step to letting go of and allowing better things in.

Sometimes certain people or certain situations are brought into our lives to teach us something. Acceptance and acknowledgment is the key here, because resisting only makes you feel worse!

When you begin to move into a space of grateful appreciation, even for those negative or hurtful things, you begin to move into a space of optimism and hope.

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