Honoring Your Authentic Abundant Self

What does it mean to honor your authentic, abundant self? It means understanding that you are an unlimited being with unlimited possibilities.

Do you feel like you are embracing all the unlimited possibilities in life? If not, the Blessism for the Art of Allowing and Living Authentically can help.

The Art of Allowing is about learning how to move in sync with the Universe. It’s understanding that manifestation and the Law of Attraction isn’t only about doing but also about feeling. When you’re in alignment with the universal flow, you realize that your most important work of all is to feel good. However, it can be difficult to feel good when you feel like you continually fail.

Failure is certainly not fun. While you may not be able to stop failure from coming in every once in a while, you can learn to look at it a little differently.

You can learn how to progressively fail your way to success. What does that mean? What it really means is that you never really fail. Every failure can teach you something, push you to grow and encourage you to change.

Those who are ultimately the most successful in life have often had the most failures as well. It’s part of the game of life. The more you put yourself out there, the more you will fail. However, there will come a time when your failure will lead you to an amazing level of success!

Blessisms can help you learn how to view failure in a new light. It’s time to celebrate failure and start failing your way to success today!

In the end, sometimes we need to let go of who we think we are supposed to be and honor our authentic self which is what this first Blessism this month is all about.

Blessism for Art of Allowing & Living Authentically

I bless and honor my authenticity today.

I let go of who I think I am supposed to be and honor my authentic self.

I know being authentic is a key component to feeling abundant and prosperous.

I allow and come into alignment with the essence of everything good I am continually attracting and creating.

I allow and embrace all the unlimited possibilities, infinite wealth, and boundless delights that are rightfully mine.

I am a powerful conscious co-creator.

I anticipate miracles.

I allow new experiences into my life.

My energy is open and receptive to these miracles.

I resonate at this higher level of consciousness every day.

I know everything I want, need and desire is already created and already mine.

I have created it.

I allow it to come into my life.

It is already coming to me.

It wants me.

I want it.

The path is already cleared, and I welcome in these new feelings of unbridled happiness, abundance, prosperity, and joy!

What a blessing this is!


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BLESSisms are an excellent way to find joy in difficult times. When you start focusing on those moments of joy, you realize how far you have already come. You start feeling grateful for the challenges you have overcome. You tap into new sources of strength and resilience.