Greater Levels of Awareness & Consciousness

What does it really mean to open up to greater levels of awareness and consciousness? It’s really more of a gentle shift, as opposed to being something you can clearly define.

In other words, it’s probably not going to be noticeable or something you can identify. It’s a gradual process of awakening and opening up, kind of like climbing a mountain.

The term “Spiritual Awakening” is used a lot. But what does it really mean? The best way to describe an awakening, in terms of spiritual development, is to see it through different levels of conscious awareness.

Perhaps it is best to understand this concept like elevations on a mountain. So rather than thinking the 10,000-foot peak is the best place to be, it’s more useful to think of it more as an appreciation of where you are at the moment.

You can also examine and acknowledge the challenges you find at this “elevation” while seeking to find the most natural “elevation” for your soul to thrive.

We may not all reach the top of the peak, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s not really a contest.

The thing is someone can awaken at any level of consciousness. Spiritual awakening can arise at any time and anywhere and for anyone.

Wherever you are, is OK and it’s meant just for you. The Blessism for Greater Levels of Awareness and Consciousness is a great one to practice, no matter where you are on the spiritual mountain.

Blessism for Greater Levels of Awareness & Consciousness

I bless, acknowledge, and give thanks for my ability to reach greater and greater levels of awareness and consciousness.

With each deep breath I take, I tap into these greater levels of awareness more and more.

As I journey to these higher levels of consciousness, I am protected and guided by love.

I bless my innate intelligence and my ability to go within.

I send love to my beautiful body and my spirit and soul.

With these words, I set the intention to communicate with that infinite part of my spirit that is connected to that which is greater than me.

I am tapping into that part of myself with these words.

I acknowledge and am grateful for this connection.

I believe in my ability to reach greater and greater levels of awareness and consciousness and I thank you for this beautiful divine gift.

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