The Truth Mirror 

There is a theory that states that in order to manifest change in your life, you must first accept what is. It is difficult to move from point A to point B if you haven’t fully accepted where you are in life.

Many of us try and hide from our own reality because it is difficult to face. When we look into the mirror of truth, we don’t really see what is there.

We see what we want to see. We hide behind our sadness and our pain. We hide behind the extra weight and the difficult relationships.

We pretend everything is fine. When someone asks us how things are going, we often lie and tell people everything is great!

Acceptance is a difficult thing to grasp because reality can be hard to face. We get so used to the struggle that it becomes our way of life and our only reality.

Sometimes it is hard to face the truth because it requires us to take a long hard look at what we have created in our life, good or bad.

In order to go from pain to power, you first have to immerse yourself in the pain. You have to feel the feelings and work through them and accept what is in order to start moving forward.

Once you accept that YOU are the sole creator of your life you can begin to turn obstacles into amazing opportunities.

Accepting what is can be challenging especially if you aren’t willing to be honest with yourself and others.

The premise behind most 12-step programs is first accepting where you are. When you boldly state your name and the cold, hard fact that you are an alcoholic or a drug addict the true reality of your situation comes to light. Only then can you begin to heal.

What would your truth mirror reveal if you looked into it? What would happen if you were brutally honest about your situation? What would happen if you looked into the mirror and saw what was really there?

Some of us just don’t like who we have become at the deepest level of our soul. Accepting what is helps you face the truth and pave the way to healing. Once you know what your faults are, you can then take steps to move away from them. It’s OK to be imperfect because we are only human. We all screw up our lives in one-way shape or form because we aren’t perfect.

One of the most difficult challenges life brings us is learning to really like yourself for exactly who you are. This paves the way for truly believing in yourself and your choices and abilities.

Like Attracts Like

One of the most challenging concepts to truly understand is the idea that like attracts like. Whatever you put out comes back, good or bad. If you want to start attracting good things, then you must start shifting your consciousness and focusing on feeling good.

When it comes to the concept of like attracts like, much of this has to do with our state of consciousness and how we think on that sub-conscious level.

What would you see if you stood in front of your own mirror of truth? Try and be brutally honest with yourself. Are there some things you are ashamed of? You are certainly not alone if there are.

Intention for Radical Acceptance

Dear Universe, May I have the wisdom and serenity to BLESS AND ACCEPT ALL the experiences in my life.

That includes the good experiences, the bad experiences, the painful experiences, the wonderful experiences, and the BLESSED experiences, for these experiences make up the fabric of my life.

May I have the courage to BLESS AND ACCEPT everything today – and the wisdom to fully acknowledge and gratefully step into the beauty and joy that is my life.

May I be MINDFULLY BLESSED today and every day of my beautiful life – for however long that is.

That is the art of RADICAL ACCEPTANCE.

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