Finding Joy in Difficult Times

Everything in life is about balance. Without the darkness, we would not know light. Without sadness, we would not appreciate joy.

Like the yin and the yang, we need both positive and negative emotions and experiences to appreciate what we have.

Life isn’t always going to be easy….that we know, but it shouldn’t always be hard. Without the struggle, we won’t have as much appreciation for freedom. Without heartbreak, love would not be quite so sweet.

Practicing gratitude can really help you shift your focus, from those things that bring you down to those things you feel grateful for.

Gratitude also strengthens your immune system, which in turn helps your body defend itself against disease and recover faster from illnesses.

When you meditate and practice mindfulness, your body releases natural endorphins into the bloodstream that help you cope better with stress and pain.
The best way to find joy in difficult times is to focus on those things that you feel grateful for at the moment.

This meditation is all about looking at ways you can find joy in difficult times.

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