Feeling Wealthy & Abundant

You can feel wealthy and abundant, no matter what your current circumstances!

Do you ever wish you could channel a YOU 2.0 Money Persona?

Well, now you can! The meditation for this week is all about channeling your YOU 2.0 Ultimate Money Persona.

Most of us are programmed from an early age on what to expect. We are taught how to think, how to act, and how to feel. These subconscious thoughts or set points are programmed into our mind where they become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s not our fault that we tend to think more negatively, because the mind and brain are programmed for negative thinking. This is often called the negativity bias.

The tendency to think negatively stems from our basic survival instinct.

Our early human ancestors spent much of their time trying to survive – so it makes sense that negative thoughts were more prevalent than positive ones. This negativity bias has been well studied and heavily documented and it affects nearly every area of our life, especially our financial life.

You can overcome this bias, however, by working constantly to replace those negative ones with positive ones and working with Blessisms.

When you align yourself with your 2.0 Ultimate Money persona, amazing things happen!

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