EMF Survival Guide

Do you know all the dangers of EMFs and what kinds of dangers are hidden in the technological objects that invade our lives? What precautions should you follow to minimize your exposure to them?

Learn how to protect yourself better by joining us in our chat with Justin Frandson, the Founder of Athleticism.com. as well as EMFRocks.com.

As humans, we live in an extremely modern society. Technology has made great strides, bringing a lot of innovation as well as many hidden dangers, invisible to human eyes. Electromagnetic fields are one of those hidden dangers that interact with our bodies in several ways.

EMF frequencies are classified as non-ionizing radiation. They are considered “safe” when compared to ionizing X-ray radiation. However, the truth is, they are both harmful.

The world is like a large electrical circuit. Most people do not know that the human body is already electrically charged.

This principle is used in the medical world for diagnosis and treatments with electrocardiograms for the heart, electroencephalograms for the brain, and magnetic resonances which are used for medical diagnoses.

Countless scientific studies state the dangerous biological implications of electromagnetic fields. However, the large telecommunications industry and the government are refusing to acknowledge these proven dangers.

Health Risks of EMF

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)—also referred to as “radiation”—are invisible areas of energy that are produced by electricity. Common sources include power lines, cell phones, and microwaves. In the 1990s, there was concern about a potential link between EMFs and childhood cancers, there hasn’t been strong research evidence to back that up.

In this episode we also discuss:

  • What EMFs are.
  • The invisible stressors of EMF.
  • How to detox from EMF.
  • How to use EMFRocks.com Grounding Bags to detox and repel EMF.
  • Benefits of Grounding in general.
  • Other easy ways to ground and center your energy…tree meditation, grounding practices, and crystals.
  • Ways to use certain crystals to help you clarify and focus your energy,

Justin Frandson is one of the most respected, nationally certified, Health/Performance Coaches in the country. His career started over 22+ years ago at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA. This seasoned industry experience and learning has exposed him to many of the greatest systems in human performance.

Justin is an Athleticism Performance Coach that has worked with amateur and professional athletes for over the past two decades. He saw his athletes breaking down from the excessive levels of EMF from their SMART watches, wireless earbuds, and electric cars. He has tested hundreds of homes and clients. He sells the Grounding and Faraday Bags at doctor clinics throughout the country.

Justin is American College of Sports Medicine Nationally Certified as a CPT. He is an expert in Nerve Health. He can stabilize an individual instantly and get rid of that injury state, especially when it won’t go away. Justin keeps the stressors away with his EMFRocks.com Grounding Bags. You can also pick up his new Athleticism book soon.

What are Grounding Bags?

He sells the Grounding and Faraday Bags to lower the level of EMF. The Grounding Bag contains the healing pulse of the earth to repel EMF ground and recharge you. It’s nature’s first line of defense against man-made electricity and electromagnetic frequencies.

The Grounding Bags are hand-mined crystals with moisture and magnetic properties to ground and repel EMF, all for a deeper night’s sleep. This is Mother Nature’s way of protecting us from the excess rollout of man-made radiation, not a man-made device attempting to keep up with the other man-made levels.

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