Earthism for Unknown Discoveries

Have you ever stopped to think about the undiscovered mysteries and treasures of life?

What is it that we still don’t know or what might we still discover?

We don’t yet know, what we don’t yet know. Imagine the possibilities if we suddenly discovered new natural resources or a natural cure for cancer?

What if we found another sustainable source of energy that is totally unlike anything we have ever thought about?

Taking the time to bless the unknown discoveries is a wonderful thing to do which is why we love this Earthism so much!

Earthism for Unknown Discoveries and Natural Resources

I bless all the beautiful, unknown, and as yet undiscovered resources and new discoveries that will help make the world a happier, healthier, and more balanced place.

May we create, find, or discover new sustainable resources for those things in demand such as food, water, building materials, minerals, natural pharmaceutical remedies, cures for chronic diseases, and more blessings.

I bless the sacred journey into the unknown today and bless the undiscovered mysteries of life.

May humans always be open to the vast possibilities all around them.

I bless these prospective resources that can help us function better as a society and I bless the vast new discoveries that are already coming our way.

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