Earthism for Volcanoes

While you may not stop to think about the importance of the world’s volcanoes, they are an integral part of the Earth.

Volcanic materials ultimately break down and weather to form some of the most fertile soils on Earth.

The cultivation of this earth has produced abundant food and fostered civilizations for longer than you can imagine.

The internal heat of volcanoes associated with young volcanic systems has also been harnessed to produce geothermal energy.

That is quite a lot of benefits to something most people don’t think about a lot. Let’s celebrate and bless the beautiful volcano today!

Earthism for Volcanoes

I bless all the magnificent volcanoes of the world.

I thank you for all the wonderful benefits for our environment including atmospheric cooling, land formation, water production, fertile land, geothermal energy, and for the raw materials you so lovingly provide.

I honor your ability to create some of the most fertile soils on Earth through the breakdown of your materials.

I thank you for the possibility you create for natural geothermal energy.

I thank and bless your eruptions which formed the entire Hawaiian Island chain.

I thank volcanic rock for its use in metal polishes and woodworking.

I bless the crushed rock and ground pumice which can be used for loose-fill insulation, filter aids, poultry litter, soil conditioner, sweeping compound, insecticide carrier, and blacktop highway dressing.

I bless and honor the great volcano for everything it does for the Planet, and I thank you!

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