The Importance of the Jet Stream

Did you know the jet stream plays a key role in determining the weather?

Jet streams help separate colder air and warmer air and they also push air masses around, moving weather systems to new areas or causing them to stall.

Without the jet stream, the entire pattern of global temperatures would be vastly different. Let’s bless the jet stream today!

Earthism for the Jet Stream

I bless the jet stream in all its magnificent splendor.

I bless the important role the jet stream plays in worldwide weather patterns.

I bless the four primary jet streams that serve the Earth, from the two polar jet streams, near the north and south poles, to the two subtropical jet streams closer to the equator.

I honor the jet stream and the help it offers meteorologists who forecast the weather.

I bless the jet stream’s role in air travel and flying in its ability to reduce flight times and fuel consumption.

I thank the jet stream for playing a key role in determining the weather and for the role it plays in separating colder air and warmer air.

I honor and bless the process the jet stream plays in gently pushing air masses around and moving weather systems to new areas.

I acknowledge that without the service the jet stream so lovingly offers us, the entire pattern of global temperatures would be vastly different.

I send love, warmth and compassion to the jet stream and the narrow bands of strong wind that generally blow from west to east across the globe.

I bless you and honor you and thank you for your loving service!

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