The Importance of the Hydrosphere 

We all know how important water is, for our health and well-being, but what about the role it plays in keeping the planet healthy?

The hydrosphere covers all water present on the Earth’s surface, and it plays a vital role in our ecosystem and helping to regulate the atmosphere.

The hydrosphere also helps regulate the earth’s climate, which makes it extremely important to humans. Let’s bless the hydrosphere!

Earthism for the Hydrosphere

I bless the Earth’s hydrosphere and the immense contribution it serves.

I bless everything that the hydrosphere encompasses from the water to the water cycle to the clouds and the rain.

I bless the water table and the groundwater.

I bless the oceans and the currents and the tides.

I bless the runoff that serves a valuable purpose.

I send love and appreciation for the importance of the hydrosphere in its ability to sustain life.

I honor the role the hydrosphere plays in balancing the ecosystem and regulating the atmosphere.

I bless the hydrosphere’s ability to lovingly cycle the water as it collects in clouds and falls to the Earth in the form of rain, sleet, or snow.

I send love to all the rivers, lakes and oceans and bless the process of evaporation.

I am so honored to share the Planet with you and bless this magnificent process!

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