The Importance of the Biosphere 

Do you know how important the planet’s biosphere is? What can do to help protect it?

Except for salt, all food comes from the biosphere. The biosphere provides important resources.

Many people rely on the biosphere for basic necessities including food, medicine, construction materials, and fuel, Indigenous peoples, in particular.

When it comes down to it, the words you speak matter.

Every positive intention and loving word can literally help make the world a better place.

Earthism for the Biosphere

I bless Planet Earth and the biosphere of Planet Earth.

I bless that part of the Earth and its atmosphere in which all living organisms exist.

I bless the Planet and all that can support life.

I honor the biosphere and the zone of Planet Earth where life naturally occurs, extending from the deep crust to the lower atmosphere.

I bless everything on Planet Earth from the deepest root systems of trees to the darkest environment of ocean trenches, to the lush rain forests and high mountain tops.

What a beautiful Planet we live on!

I bless all life that exists on the ground, in the air, and in the water.

I bless the energetic frequency of the biosphere and the flow of energy required to keep it clean and healthy.

I pray for sustainable development and the protection of the biosphere.

May everyone who lives and interacts within this biosphere be aware of the intricate balance required to keep the Planet healthy, whole, and healed.

I bless the Earth and its magnificent biosphere today and every day.

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