Blessing for Peace on Earth

It goes without saying, that the world is going through some struggles right now. The fact is the world feels everything but peaceful.

We all want peace on earth, but peace seems very hard to come by.

If you’re wondering what you can do, to help promote peace, we encourage you to start using this profound Earthism for peace on Earth.

Earthism for Peace on Earth

I bless Planet Earth and I pray for a peaceful tomorrow.

I pray for equality.

I pray for the end of all human suffering.

I pray for the peaceful ending of all acts of war.

I pray for healing and the end to all cruelty.

I bless humankind’s ability to show greater compassion and kindness to others and to see the world through loving eyes.

I bless and pray for a world that is free of war, free of suffering and free of abuse.

I bless humankind’s ability to respect, honor and be kind to one another, no matter what race, creed, or color.

May everyone strive to lift each other up, instead of bringing each other down.

May everyone’s heart be filled with love.

May peace increase on Earth. It all begins with personal responsibility and a positive intention.

May everyone love, bless, honor and respect Planet Earth and bless, honor, and respect each other.

May everyone honor and respect their fellow human beings and all the beautiful living things that also inhabit this Earth.

May we all bless and pray for the global awakening of humanity.

May we all bless and pray and commit to upgrading our thoughts and shifting our consciousness.

May we all believe change is possible.

May we all believe peace is possible.

May we all believe equality is possible.

Today we rise. Today we heal. As we heal the world heals and the Planet heals.

That is our greatest desire and a rich blessing.

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