Blessing the World’s Natural Resources

When was the last time you stopped and thanked the Earth for all the wonderful natural resources she so lovingly provides?

Our planet not only supports life, but she also gives us everything we need to survive and thrive.

That’s a pretty big job and it’s about time for us to stop and thank her!

Earthism for Natural Resources

I bless the Earth’s natural resources.

I bless and honor everything the earth so lovingly provides.

I bless Planet Earth for her ability to support life.

I send love, kindness, and compassion to all of earth’s renewable resources that we so heavily use like soil, water, and wind.

I bless the animals, and the plants and anything else that is replenishable.

I send love, kindness, and compassion to the Earth’s non-replenishable resources including fossil fuel, coal, natural gas, oil, and petroleum.

I thank you for so lovingly providing these things when we needed them.

I bless humankind’s ability to seek out and create more replenishable resources.

I bless the forests and rainforests for their massive contribution to the Planet.

I bless the abundant supply of minerals on Planet Earth as well as the iron, salt, and copper.

I honor all the natural resources that are so crucial to the survival of all life on Earth.

We humbly apologize for anything we have done to exhaust these natural resources and we are forever grateful to live on such a beautiful Planet!

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