The Importance of the World’s Fauna and Flora

Are you a nature lover?

Have you ever wondered if there was something you could do to balance the world’s ecosystem and maintain equilibrium?

The Earthism for Fauna and Flora is a beautiful one for helping you honor the exquisite beauty and aesthetic value that Mother Earth so unselfishly provides.

Earthism for Fauna and Flora

I bless all the plants and animals that lovingly co-exist on our Planet.

I bless all the beautiful flora and fauna spread across our lovely planet.

We thank you for your contributions that help to maintain that ecological balance.

We thank you for the role you play in our lives.

We are grateful for the Earth’s flora, which generates and releases oxygen, needed by the fauna and humans for respiratory purposes.

We are grateful for the Earth’s fauna, which produces and releases carbon dioxide, which is needed by the flora for photosynthesis.

We bless this delicate process and thank you for everything you do.

We acknowledge that without the Earth’s fauna and flora, humans cannot exist.

e thank you for your role in providing food, medicine, water, and shelter.

We thank you for your role in balancing the world’s ecosystem and for maintaining equilibrium.

We thank you for your exquisite beauty and aesthetic value and we honor you today.

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