Ecological Civilzation

Imagine living in a world and on a planet where the natural world and human life were integrated in ways that benefited all.

What would that really mean?

The transition toward an ecological civilization will require transformation at a far deeper level than most people can even imagine.

It requires a paradigm shift.

It goes far beyond changes like adopting renewable energy, driving electric cars, and eating less meat.

An ecological civilization is a heart-centered civilization where everyone is a part of the whole.

We would encourage you to practice this Earthism and dream of a world where everyone is operating at their absolute best, including the Planet!

Earthism for an Ecological Civilization

I bless the world’s ecological civilization.

May we all be committed to moving to a more balanced ecological civilization where we are invested in and interested in the relationship of human life to the natural world.

May we all live in a world and on a planet where the natural world and human life are integrated in ways that benefit all.

May we live in a world and exist in a system that is highly diverse and, in a world where all things work together for the good of all and in a world where the whole flourishes.

I bless this heart-centered global population that is focused on how we can make the world work, for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone.

May we live in a world that is not one based on competition and rivalry, but in a world where we focus on who is giving back and doing their best and in a world that is based primarily on cooperation.

What a beautiful world that is going to be!

Parts of this Blessism were taken from an R. Buckminster Fuller quote.

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