The Higher Self

When was the last time you connect with or spoke to your higher self? Your higher self is not an entity separate from you, it is very much a part of you.

When we speak about our higher self we are referring to the knowing or awakened aspects of ourselves.

It is through your higher self that the deepest truths and hidden knowledge are accessed.

The higher self is sometimes used as a universal term by individuals who feel strongly connected to spirit.

What does Higher Self mean?

The higher self is considered the Divine Self and part of the Cosmic Consciousness by some. Yogis seek to unite the lower self (ego) and higher Self through their spiritual practice, creating balance and oneness within.

In yoga, the realization of the higher Self is part of spiritual liberation. This realization can be acquired through spiritual practice and discipline. The higher Self is the part of an individual that connects with the Divine or a higher power or energy, depending on the specific beliefs of an individual.

It is a state of consciousness that can be accessed through meditation and introspection, which promote greater self-awareness and acceptance. The opposite of the higher Self is the ego, which centers on more worldly attachment and self-centered needs.

The Blessism for connecting with your higher self is a great place to start if you would like to find a deeper meaning in your life.

Set to the music track Etherea you will enjoy the delicate, twinkling chimes and angelic voices, floating in a breeze at high altitude. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is this ethereal realm of light and freedom.

Blessism for Connecting with Your Higher Self

With these words, I lovingly and purposefully connect with my higher self and my infinite wisdom.

I bless my ability to connect with my higher self and that deeper level of awareness.

I acknowledge my higher self as that part of my being that is infinite, powerful, and wise.

My higher self always knows the right path for me.

My higher self is essentially the best version of me that can exist, and I always have the choice to follow and connect with my higher self.

With these words, I lovingly and willingly ask to connect with my higher self.

As I connect with my higher self, I bless and honor that eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is my true and authentic self.

I am so honored to be in your presence.

As I connect with my higher self I move beyond my conditioned fears, limiting beliefs, wounds, and ego fixations.

I honor my higher self as the most authentic state of being I can master, and I bless that today and every day.

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