Celebrating Failure!

When was the last time you celebrated a failure? Why not! Failure offers us yet another opportunity to learn what might not work.

The real failure is giving up!

Your path to success is always going to be dotted with failures, it’s just the way things work. Failures are simply a redirection. The best way to handle failures is to view them without judgment. It’s just another rung on the ladder.

You might even say failures help us develop resilience and perseverance. In physics, resilience is the ability of a body to resist pressure and resume its original structure. In psychology, it’s kind of the same thing.

It’s about learning to get back up, again and again, and again and having the ability to live, succeed and develop despite adversity. Over time, these two qualities can make the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

The Blessism for Celebrating Failure is perfect for that!

Blessism for Celebrating Failure

I bless and celebrate all of my failures today!

Each failure is yet another wonderful opportunity to learn, and change and grow.

There are no failures – only FEEDBACK!

I am proud of the journey I have traveled.

I bless my failures and missteps.

Everything is part of the divine plan for my unfolding future.

I have the power to change the world by changing myself.

This is who I am down to my sacred core.

Failure calls for a celebration.

It allows me to re-prioritize what is important.

With new priorities, I can make positive changes that allow me to live my best life.

I count my blessings and I bless my failure!

Today I let go of the need to figure things out – things are always working out for me.

That is how I live my life!


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