Are You Ready For a Vitality Boost?

Have you ever thought about blessing your radiance and vitality? Why not? Your wonderful body loves words of love, appreciation, and praise, so why not give it what it’s looking for? 

The truth is each of us is a powerful co-creator in our own healing process. Our words can either help us or hurt us. 

Try praising and blessing your vitality today and notice how it makes you feel. Bless your healing journey, even if you are struggling. Imagine your body moving with ease, even if you can’t walk across the room.

Your words matter. Your intention matters. Your healing matters. YOU matter. You are much more powerful than you could even imagine and Blessisms can help you believe that.

Do You Need a Vitality Boost? Try the Blessism for Vitality for Your Ultimate Health & Well-Being!

Blessism for Vitality

I bless my radiance and vitality today.

I bless my healing journey.

I am so grateful for my healing.

I am a powerful co-creator in my own healing.

Every day in every way, I grow stronger and stronger.

I believe in my body’s innate healing power.

I am extremely grateful for this ability.

With faith and belief, I know I have the power to heal my body.

Every day I feel younger and stronger.

My skin is bright and beautiful.

My body moves with ease.

My body is supple and strong.

I am healing.

I am strong.

I am vibrant.

I am radiant.

I rejoice in this healing process.

I am focused on vitality.

I think, speak, and act in accordance with this vitality.

I bless and honor my beautiful smart body.

I bless this healing journey.

I bless each and every microscopic cell in my body.

I am getting healthier and more vibrant every day.

Thank you!

I love you! 

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