Do You Want More Success?

Try Blessing Everyone’s Success with the Blessism for Non-Judgment Towards Others Success!

How do you feel when you see other people achieving the kind of success you have been working so diligently for? Are you happy for them, or resentful?

It’s natural to feel a little jealous, especially if it appears like someone hasn’t really worked that hard for the amount of success they enjoy.

The trick of it all is pretty simple, if you want to enjoy wealth, abundance, and success you have to also be able to celebrate other people’s wealth, abundance, and success.

When you can celebrate everyone’s success, you are basically telling the Universe that you believe there is enough for everyone. You believe you live in an abundant world. There is no competition. There is always plenty to go around. Today’s Blessism is all about non-judgment towards others’ success.

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Blessism for Non-Judgment Towards Others Success

I bless my ability to celebrate other people’s achievements and level of success today and every day. This attitude of non-judgment allows me to grow and evolve. I bless all those times in my life when I may have judged myself or others unfairly. This kind of freedom from judgment is life-changing. As I let go of the judgments, the criticism, and the negativity, I experience a deep sense of joy. I bless everyone today. I bless those who are successful. I bless those who may not yet have achieved the level of success they desire. I bless those who already have everything they want. I bless those who are still struggling. I bless everyone with kindness and compassion and non-judgment. I honor and bless everyone’s success today because that means I can achieve the same kind of success with grace and ease. That is the greatest blessing of all! 


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