Affirmations for Spiritual Entrepreneurs 

Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur? Would you like some affirmations specifically designed to help you grow and prosper?

These enlightened affirmations are perfect for those looking to be both spiritual and successful.

If you have found it challenging to make money while pursuing a spiritual path of entrepreneurship, you are certainly not alone in this struggle.

With these affirmations, you can be spiritual, enlightened, awakened, AND successful!

It’s time to bring spirituality into the realm of business.

There are millions of people pursuing a more spiritual path. There is absolutely no reason why a spiritual entrepreneur can’t be just as successful as someone on a more typical business path.

In terms of defining what spiritual entrepreneurship is you could say it occurs anytime someone blends together a spiritually-minded practice and business.

You might also define it as anytime someone who conspires to bring the highest good to any situation no matter what the business focus, and someone using the idea of spirituality to accomplish that.

You are the key to everything good in life. When you truly believe that you are powerful and strong and deserving, then that is exactly what you will become by the nature of your thoughts.

The more you begin tuning into this new way of thinking, the faster change will happen. It might even happen so fast that it will knock you off your feet.

Everything in your life is there by invitation! You created everything – even the bad stuff.

If you want to change your life, you must begin by changing your thoughts. If you want to be a successful spiritual entrepreneur, you have to start thinking like one.

This recording is filled with over 400 affirmations that can help you:

• Be Both Spiritual and Successful.
• Find Your Spiritual Superpower.
• Connect With Spiritual Flow.
• Think like a Spiritual CEO.
• Integrate Spirituality and Business.
• Live With Passion and Purpose.
• Become an Influencer.
• Attract Success.
• Become Naturally Charismatic.
• Build a Billion Dollar Brand.

You can listen to this recording any time you feel inspired. It’s perfect to listen to in the background as you are doing other things. You can also listen in a meditative way.

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